Cast your vote for the 2013 New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year

Please read each nomination below and then cast your vote for
the 2013 New Richmond Area Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year

Randy Calleja
Ready Randys/NR Hospital/Deerfield
- He gives150%all the time,he's always donating his time to others,NR is a better place b/c of him
- Randy is a model citizen. He gives his time & talent & supports causes whenever he can.

Jill Schreck
Edward Jones
- Jill has been a great asset to the New Richmond Community. She is always willing to help out.
- Jill is a great community leader and volunteer who strives to make our community better!

Heather McAbee
Bremer Bank
- Heather has been active in shaping the future of New Richmond for many years
- She serves on the NRACF guiding the growth of the fund by over $1 million.

Mania Moore
- Volunteer time and dedication to those in need.
- Mania volunteers at Starr Elementary 2-3 days a week, she serves on the Westfield Hospital board for Patient and Family Input, she reads the New Richmond News for the blind, aging and disability and she is the chair on the board for WI Voices which is an organization that tells stories of impact of policy on people in Wisconsin. Mania also dedicates time to several activities at her church. She does all this while keeping time to spend with family and friends.

Ronda Bierbrauer
Ronda's Home Away From Home
- Has been chairwoman of annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner (Immaculate Conception) for 15yrs.
- Has headed of annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner at Immaculate Conception for 15yrs.

Ted Bartels
Allan's Flower Shop & NR United Methodist Church
- Gentle Humble Great Example Self Giving Core Community Respected Former Teacher
- Ted is always working and helping in this community

Craig Kittel
New Richmond Post Office
- NRHS assistant basketball coach, City Council, Park Board, Friends of Citizens Field.
-Volunteers as the NRHS assistant varsity basketball coach for the past 7 years, donating hundreds of hours to the program each year.
-Is a long time member of the New Richmond Park Board
-Serves on City Council
-Heads the Friends of Citizen's Field project to add onto and care for Citizen's Field, a city landmark.
-Has served New Richmond at the Post Office for the past 34 years.

Jean Needham
Westfields Hospital
- For 20+ years she led the hospital as President and CEO.  She helped transform the hospital from a small quasi-rural community hospital to a critical access hospital.  She was instrumental I bringing the NR Clinic physicians to the hospital campus and initiated the conversations that have now led to the physicians being part of the Westfields organization.  She spearheaded several building projects at the hospital and took the lead in forming a cooperative agreement with Presbyterian Homes which resulted in the Deerfield complex.  Also, Jean was the moving force behind the regional Cancer Center which again was the result of collaboration with other area medical facilities. In addition, Jean worked tirelessly to help establish Adoray – the home health entity that provides services to greater St. Croix County.

Stuart Nelson
- Stuart was instrumental in bringing the Bremer organizations to the New Richmond community, and with the Bremer Banks comes the Otto Bremer Foundation.

Stuart has been an incredible leader in the New Richmond community for 40+ years. He is active and engaged in the community and serves many nonprofit community organizations.

Dr. Neal Melby
New Richmond Clinic
- Dr. Neal Melby is a Board Certified Surgeon serving as Clinic Associate, General Surgeon and Primary Care Physician at New Richmond.  He has served at the New Richmond Clinic for over 45 years.  Dr. Melby was also an integral part of the recent successful integration of New Richmond Clinic  and Westfields.

As a lifelong resident of New Richmond, Dr. Melby takes an active role in the community, Dr. Melby has served on the New Richmond School Board for 8 years,  is involved in the New Richmond Chamber of Commerce, the New Richmond Preservation Society and his church.  He is a member of the St. Croix/Pierce County Medical Society, the Wisconsin State Medical Society and the American Medical Association

Christine Melby
Messes & Masterpieces
- Christine is an energetic and creative community member.  Through her work at Messes and Masterpieces, the artful-imaginations of those young and old come alive.  Her work at various community functions, including Fire and Ice, demonstrate her ability to bring people together.  Messes and Masterpieces have proven that "City Beautiful" isn't just a slogan…it is a verb; art in action.